Green Remodeling

What is a Certified Green Remodeling Contractor?

A Certified Green Remodeling Contractor Professional is certified by the National Association Remodeling Industry (NARI), after undergoing an extensive 12 week study and written test of Green Remodeling. NARI’S Green Remodeling program is multi-faceted, focusing on energy efficiency and conservation, indoor air quality, efficient use of resources, recycling of demolition material and renewable energy sources. Green Remodelers, such as Mike, have studied building science application, green remodeling guidelines, solar application and appliance selections.

Why Worry About Building Green?

Is all this Green talk just a fad? No. Introducing newly designed products into your home that have been professionally tested for increased energy efficiency and better air quality for your environment is a process that has occurred over time. Building suppliers have worked diligently on improving products that ultimately saves the homeowner money, especially in potential government tax credits.

In addition, many vendors of energy efficient appliances – everything from refrigerators to computer monitors – tagged with the “energy star” label, possibly offer rebates for consumers who purchase new appliances, or replace their old ones.

With improvements to health and the environment, lower energy bills, and the possibility of tax deductions, is there any reason not to GO GREEN when you remodel?

How Can Legacy Design & Construction, Inc. Help Your Family Build an Eco-Friendly Remodeling Project?

Legacy Design & Construction, Inc. strives to create an environment that fits the needs of your family. Whether you are concerned with a healthier home, global issues in our country, cost effective strategies to save your family money or all of the above, we are focused on your specific concerns. Mike Pudlik, Certified Green Professional, will discuss your options and create your new space with the demands of today’s environmental issues.

How Much Energy Does Your Home Use?

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Types of Professionals

Do it yourself Projects are not for everyone. To understand the types of professionals that are qualified to work on your home, please visit this website: